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Beta Chi

Business is just the Beginning.


What is Alpha Kappa Psi?

AKPsi's Chapter Fall 2017

AKPsi is the oldest, most prestigious, principled co-ed business organization in the country. Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders, and for the past 100 years we have done just that. Our Alumni list boasts easily recognizable business and political leaders such as Ronald Reagan, J.W. Marriott, Steve Forbes, Lee Lacocca, J.C. Penny, Sam Walton and many more.

Our Core Values

AKPsi Fall 2017 Retreat

Brotherhood Forges Lifelong Bonds

AKPsi revolves around developing brotherhood and broadening networks. We believe that one's time spent at LSU should not merely bear growth of knowledge and skills, but growth of relationships. We believe that interpersonal skills are strengthened by teamwork and brotherhood that, when possessed, open doors for career pursuit. 

Unity Derives From Obstacles Overcome

We believe that there is strength in numbers. A community in collaboration can overcome the largest difficulties. We in AKPsi develop our intrapersonal and interpersonal communities to inspire growth in leadership, learning, and responsibility. Our goal is to spread our growth into the surrounding communities as our members graduate into leadership across the nation. 

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Integrity is Built By Leaders of Industry

As the premier developer of principled business leaders, AKPsi esteems integrity in the highest regard. Our organization stresses the importance of high moral principles beyond the walls of business. We believe that true professionals make no compromise when personal rectitude is at stake, and thus instill moral and ethical standards within our organization.

Knowledge is Expanded Through Perseverance 

"Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch"   -Steve Droke. AKPsi believes in the continuous pursuit of knowledge and the inculcation of curiosity in our everyday lives. In the never ending quest for understanding and mastery, AKPsi recognizes that acquisition of knowledge results from both books and experiences that, when coupled together, make our minds keener. 

Professional Development Speaker

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Service Teaches Humility, Teamwork, and Compassion

AKPsi members proudly devote countless hours giving back to the community that house them. Serving others allows our members to gain a unique and humbled perspective of the world. The Beta Chi - LSU chapter in particular has teamed up with Miracle League, the Baton Food Drive, Animal Companion Alliance, and several other organizations to serve our neighbors.

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